Temple Timings

             Monday to Friday

Morning 8:00AM to 12.00PM
Morning Arti 9:30AM
Evening 5:00PM to 8.00PM
Evening Arti 7:00PM

             Saturday & Sunday

Morning 8:00AM to 12.00PM
Morning Arti 9:30AM
Evening 4:00PM to 8:00PM
Evening Arti  7:00PM 

Shri Rajan Bhatt

Phone  +1 813 900 0190


Shri Sriranga Seshadri

Phone  +1 616 516 5890

Manav Mandir Temple is open regular hours for darshan and worship. Please note below changes to temple operations due to COVID-19 until further notice. 

1. Please do not bring any prasadam, thirtam, dry foods or any other offerings in the temple.

2. No prasadam will be available at the temple due to safety reasons.

3. For the safety of everyone, only a limited number of devotees will be allowed in the temple at a given time.

4. Please make room for others waiting to enter the temple after you have had the opportunity to perform the darshan.

5. Please stand or sit on the marked spaces in the temple to allow for social distancing.

6. For your safety and welfare of other devotees, please do not visit the temple if you are not feeling well. Also, devotees with compromised immune system should not come to the temple. Devotees must follow the CDC guidelines. 

7. Devotees must put on the face coverings when in the temple. Please bring your own masks.

8. Donations to the temple can be made online. 


Weekly Services

 Days Timing 
  Periodic Services
   Monday   6:00 PM  Shiva Pooja and Shiva Arti
   Tuesday   6:30 PM  Hanuman Chalesa and Hanuman Arti
   Thursday   6:30 PM  Sai Baba Bhajans and Sai Baba Arti
   Friday 10:00 AM  Lalitha and Ambe Ma Sahasranama Strotam
   Saturday   9:30 AM  Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham, Vishnu Sahasranama
   Sunday   5:00 PM  Satsang for all Gods

2020 Major Events

 Date Time  
 January 2020    
 Wednesday, 1st Jan  6:00 PM  Ganesh Puja
 Saturday, 4th Jan  5:00 PM  Venkateswara Kalyanam
 Monday, 6th Jan  6:00 PM  Vaikuntha Ekadashi Dwar Puja
 Friday, 10th Jan  6:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Saturday, 25th Jan  5:00 PM  Rajarajeshwari Abhishekam
 February 2020    
 Saturday, 8th Feb  5:00 PM  Karthikeya Abhishekam
 Sunday, 9th Feb  5:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Friday, 21st Feb  5:00 PM  Maha Shivratri Celebration
 Saturday, 29th Feb  5:00 PM  Shiv Parvathi Kalyanam
 March 2020    
 Sunday, 8th Mar  5:00 PM  Holika Dahan & Puja, Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Saturday, 21st Mar  5:00 PM  Vittal Abhishekam (Gudi Padwa)
 Saturday, 28th Mar  5:00 PM  Sai Baba Abhishekam
 Friday, 27th Mar  6:00 PM  Gangaur Vrat, Shiv Parvathi Puja
 April 2020    
 Thursday, 2nd Apr  10:00 AM  Ram Navami (Noon)
 Saturday, 4th Apr  5:00 PM  Sita Rama Kalyanam
 Sunday, 5th Apr  5:00 PM  Ram Navami Janmotsav Celebration
 Wednesday, 8th Apr  6:00 PM  Hanuman Jayanti - Sundarkand Path
 Saturday, 18th Apr  5:00 PM  Sri Devi - Bhu Devi Abhishekam
 May 2020    
 Saturday, 2nd May  5:00 PM  Venkateswara - Balaji Abhishekam
 Thursday, 7th May  5:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Saturday, 9th May  5:00 PM  Annamayya Aradhana - Cultural Program
 Saturday, 23rd May  4:00 PM  Shani Jayanti Havan
 June 2020    
 Sunday, 2nd Jun  5:00 PM  Karthikeya Kalyanam
 Friday, 5th Jun  6:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Tuesday, 23rd Jun  5:00 PM  Jagannatha Ratha Yatra
 Saturday, 27th Jun  5:00 PM  Vittala Abhishekam (Ashadhi Ekadashi)
 July 2020    
 Saturday, 4th Jul  6:00 PM  Sai Baba Abhishekam
 Sunday, 5th Jul  5:00 PM   Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha, Flower Hindola
 Sunday, 12th Jul  5:00 PM  Leaves Hindola
 Sunday, 19th Jul  5:00 PM  Vegetable Hindola
 Saturday, 25th Jul  5:00 PM  Venkateswara - Balaji Abhishekam
 Sunday, 26th Jul  5:00 PM  Fruits Hindola
 Friday, 31st Jul  6:00 PM  Sri Devi - Bhu Devi Abhishekam
 August 2020    
 Sunday, 2nd Aug  5:00 PM  Raksha Bandhan, Dry Fruit Hindola, Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Saturday, 8th Aug  5:00 PM  Temple 6th Anniversary Celebrations
 Sunday, 9th Aug  5:00 PM  Vidyarambh Saraswati Puja
 Tuesday, 11th Aug  6:00 PM  Janmashtami Celebration
 Saturday, 22nd Aug  5:00 PM  Ganesh Sthapana, Ganesh Utsav Starts
 Sunday, 23rd Aug  10:00 AM  Sri VSN Homam
 Saturday, 29th Aug  4:00 PM  Anand Mela & Cultral Program
 Sunday, 30th Aug  5:00 PM  Ganesh Craft & Kids Activities
 September 2020    
 Tuesday, 1st Sep  5:00 PM  Ganesh Visarjan
 Wednesday, 2nd Sep  6:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 October 2020    
 Thursday, 1st Oct  6:00 PM  Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 Saturday, 17th Oct  5:00 PM  Navaratri Celebrations Starts, Rajarajeshwari Abhishekam
 Friday, 23rd Oct  6:00 PM  Bathukamma Sri Gouri Flower Festival
 Saturday, 24th Oct  4:00 PM  Durga Ashtami Havan
 Sunday, 25th Oct  5:00 PM  Dashara Celebrations, Ravan Dahan
 Saturday, 31st Oct  5:00 PM  Sharad Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha
 November 2020    
 Saturday, 1st Nov  5:00 PM  Sai Baba Abhishekam
 Wednesday, 4th Nov  4:00 PM  Karwa Chauth Celebration
 Saturday, 7th Nov  5:00 PM  Shiv Parvathi Kalyanam
 Saturday, 14th Nov  5:00 PM  Diwali Celebrations, Laxmi Puja, Fireworks
 Sunday, 15th Nov  5:00 PM  Govardhan Puja, Annakut Utsav
 Saturday, 21st Nov  5:00 PM  Karthikeya Abhishekam (Skanda Shashti)
 Sunday, 29th Nov  3:00 PM  Dev Diwali, Tulsi Vivah Celebration
 December 2020    
 Saturday, 5th Dec  5:00 PM  Vittal Abhishekam, Kartik Ekadashi
 Tuesday, 15th Dec  6:00 PM  Shridevi Bhudevi Abhishekam
 Saturday, 19th Dec  5:00 PM  Venkateswara - Balaji Abhishekam
 Friday, 25th Dec  6:00 PM  Vaikunth Ekadashi - Gita Jayanti
 Tuesday, 29th Dec  6:00 PM  Datta Jayanti, Purnima, Satyanarayan Katha


7400 Waelti Drive, Melbourne, FL. 32940, Phone +1 321 426 0668, info@mmbrevard.org