Temple Timings

             Monday to Friday

Morning 8:00AM to 12.00PM
Morning Arti 9:30AM
Evening 5:00PM to 8.00PM
Evening Arti 7:00PM

             Saturday & Sunday

Morning 8:00AM to 12.00PM
Morning Arti 9:30AM
Evening 4:00PM to 8:00PM
Evening Arti  7:00PM 
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Shri Rajan Bhatt

Phone  +1 813 900 0190


Shri Sriranga Seshadri

Phone  +1 616 516 5890

We appreciate your generous contribution to the temple. Donation of funds help in operation and sustenance of the temple. A short description can be added to the donation. Please note donation receipt will arrive in email. Press continue to enter donation details via secure server on next page.